I'm feeling the stirring to begin writing again. It's been a while. The birth of twitter sort of zapped my creativity for the blog. I've been daydreaming of getting this started we go!

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Ben and Skye - Teaser

Ben and Skye - Teaser, originally uploaded by Lanna Grace.

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Boba Fett

Boba Fett, originally uploaded by Lanna Grace.

We got a kitten. His name is Boba Fett. He's all kinds of jumpy and cute.

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Hurry Up and Pack!

Hurry Up and Pack!, originally uploaded by Lanna Grace.

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Indeed., originally uploaded by Lanna Grace.

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Winter Storm '09

Winter Storm '09, originally uploaded by Lanna Grace.

On Sunday evening we had a SNOW STORM! SC does not see many of these. And I was almost completely put off by the snow when my beloved Honda, Pippin, decided that he didn't want to drive in the snow. He made it valiantly to almost the top of the hill and decided no more. And then after waiting a few moment decided to lock down completely. So much so, that we couldn't even push him in neutral.

Luckily, a man in a huge truck had happened that way and offered to tow us off the side of the road. And a police officer offer to take me and Adam along with Lee (who had also gotten stuck at that very same spot) back to the church. And thanks to twitter, Adam and I were soon rescued from the church and taken home so we could sleep in our warm comfy bed. The next day we went to rescue Pippin, but he still wouldn't start. Luckily, my dad came to the rescue with some jumper cables and cleaned off my battery and voila! Rescued once again.

Of course I took some pictures and they are here.

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30 Before 30 - Update '09!

Two years ago I shared my 30 Before 30 list. I created it in an attempt to get rid of the New Years Resolutions and make goals for my personal life. Here's where we're at now:

1. See wild the wild.
2. Go whale watching.
3. Run a marathon or half-marathon (check).
4. Photograph a celebrity.
5. Go to Hawaii.
6. Love on someone who has never been loved.
7. See the Northern Lights.
8. Go Rock Climbing (check).
9. Go spelunking (check).
10. Fall in love (check checkity check check).
11. Sky dive.
12. Live in another country for six months.
13. Face a fear (check).
14. Learn to ballroom dance.
15. Drive across the country.
16. Buy a house (check).
17. Try sushi (check).
18. Teach my cat to break dance.
19. Pay off my student loan (check).
20. Be in two places at once (check. Thanks Carowinds!).
21. Own a Mac (check).
22. Be fearless.
23. Travel. Travel. Travel.
24. Write a book (still in process).
25. Take archery lessons.
26. Sell a painting (check).
27. Say what I mean.
28. Mean what I say.
29. Buy a sewing machine and stop sewing everything by hand.
30. Dig for dinosaur bones.

I'm realizing that some of these will be ongoing: #6, 22, 23, 27, and 28. And some of these will likely not happen: #12 and 18. It's still great to look back on where my head was two years ago and that I have accomplished things, that I thought a the time, that would be difficult. I wanted to dream that I could do these things and I've check off 11 of those.

Whew, so where have I been lately? Well, Adam and I have been satisfying #16. And we've created another blog, We Are The Johnsons, to help track the homebuying process and will hopefully have fun DIY projects as we make the home our own. So, you can keep checking back here for my thoughts and over at We Are The Johnsons to follow our life as newlyweds and new homeowners!

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