Angels, Clean Feet and Mr. Martin.

Imagine that it's 9:45pm and you're tired. You've worked all day and after work, busied yourself with helping your family move. You haven't eaten since 10am and just as you're on your way to your new "home" the gas light in your car signals that you're below empty. So you find your nearest gas station and as you get out of the car to begin pumping gas, your car door slowly shuts with a gentle "click."

Ah yes, I locked my keys in my car two nights ago at the gas station. My first thought was, "I'll call my dad." But my cell phone was in my car. My next thought was, "I'll ask the gas station attendant to use their phone." But my parents had not unpacked the phones and plugged them up. And even if they had, my dad was at the drug store getting my mom's prescriptions filled and he has the spare key. Looking around, bewildered, I hear a voice from the other side of the gas pump. "Oh, no honey are you okay?" To my surprise, an older couple had watched the entire thing and they graciously allowed me to use their cell phone. But who to call? At the moment the only number I could remember was Carol and Jon's cell phone. Carol without hesitation said that she was on her way. While waiting I saw my dad drive by the gas station. I tried to flag him down, but it didn't work. As I returned to my car, the old couple (you know, the ones who let me borrow their cell phone) had returned to the gas station. The lady said, "We just felt so bad for you, and we didn't want to leave you all by yourself." The gentleman had gone into the gas station and returned with a metal hanging thingie (not technical, I know, but it's all I know how to describe it). And magically, he unlocked my car. I was almost in tears. Mostly from exhaustion and completely thankful for these two wonderful people who God saw fit to bring into my life, if even just for a moment. And as the drove away wonderful Carol pulled into to the gas station for the rescue...luckily we had a good laugh.

And although I only got a few hours of sleep, it was wonderful. I'm one of those who love to have clean feet before I go to bed...there's just something completely refreshing about clean feet and nice cool, crisp sheets. Plus, it doesn't dirty up the sheets quite as bad.

Moving on. Last night I saw Coldplay. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. For me, I know it's a great show when I get butterflies before the band makes their appearance and I get all teary-eyed during the encore. We had amazing seats just to the left of the stage. Let's just say that I could see eyebrows clearly. Thanks for being awesome, COLDPLAY. And for giving me the best concert experience I've had in a long, long while. And for being awesome. And for having so much fun that you force everyone in the audience to have just as much fun. And for being awesome. And for being just the right kind of slightly weird that I like so much. And for being awesome.

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Vituperating Possums...

Last night I met my first live possum. I wasn't in the safe confines of my car and the possum in question was not splattered across the road as I'm accustomed to seeing.

No, this poor creature, missing the pulchritude of most of God's creatures, decided to meet me in the most unlikely driveway.

I had to make a late night run to the grocery store and I was walking down my driveway to find my car when I heard a rustling in the grass. I stopped and studied my surroundings for movement. The street light gave me a glimpse of two green eyes. I thought "aww, it's a kitty, kitty, kitty..." I moved in to see the sweet thing when from out of the darkness came a sight worse than, well, worse than anything I could type. The thing charged with it's beady eyes, pointy snout and sharp jagged teeth, hissing all the way. I screamed, promptly falling on my backside and rushing on my hands and knees so that it wouldn't carry me into the belly of the earth. I ran to my car, looking back over my shoulder to check for the face of death that was surely approaching. Where was he? Had he called in the dark forces to surround my car?

I made it...

But where was he?

And now he's waiting for me to return...

I'm never walking outside the myself...

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I'm ready for the Fall. I'm ready for my favorite color to be the most prominent thing I I'm ready for sweaters and hot chocolate and leaf piles. I'm ready for Fall.

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Haley and I were on our way to chapel. We sat in the auditorium joking around like always. We were sitting in the back on the left, the last two seats. Then Eric came out and said "The World Trade Center has just been hit by a plane." We sat disoriented and in disbelief thinking that it was some cruel joke. And soon thought nothing of it as the speaker rose and began to talk. A few minutes later he returned to tell us that the Pentagon had just been hit. Then realization began its slap in the face as we began to realize that there was no joke. I remember hearing gasps and sniffles as we prayed. Then Haley and I made our way back to our dorm. Everything was eerily silent as we walked across campus. No one was saying a word, there were no birds chirping or planes flying over. Or perhaps my head just tuned everything out. We walked into our room turned on the TV and sat shoulder to shoulder and watched as the towers fell. We wondered what would happen next. Would people that we loved be off to war. We called the ones we loved seeking guidance, "should I come home?" "are we in danger?" And yet we still couldn't tear ourselves away from the television...That's where I was 4 years ago.

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Movie News.

During my hiatus, I saw a lot of movies, two of which were worthy enough to elicit this post. So, here we go.

The Brothers Grimm

Terry Gilliam, I'm so disappointed. Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Adventures of Baron Munchausen? Twelve Monkeys? Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? I expected better of you. One could see that the humor was there, but somewhere on the cutting room floor, the timing was lost. Leaving all of the smart quips and jokes lost in painful slow motion. C'mon get there quicker. Instead I found myself thinking of better ways that I could have spent my $5.25. They are as follows...Ice Cream (with still a little left over). A used CD from Rainbow. A tank of gas. One roll of film with 36 opportunities for greatness. However, I left the theater 5 bucks poorer and glad that I didn't drag anyone else to the movie with me.


An entire movie, starring marionettes. It's strange and beautiful. The story is weak and there is an awkward scene of making out between two puppets (which is just wrong). But it's just simply fascinating and creepy to watch marionettes. And the lighting, set design and costuming is wonderful. Rent, if only for the weirdness factor or if you're one of those that simply can't not look at a car accident. Because it's weird...

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I'll try to sum up the past two, maybe three weeks with one sentence (or perhaps fragments clumped into one, sentence-like formation).

Traveling back and forth to hospital in Greenville, Mom having knee surgery, lots of thinking, planning, reading, journaling and sleepless nights.

This week, I've been falling in crush with the show Inked on A&E and being as nerdy as possible watching the When in Rome week on the History Channel. I'm a sucker for old things. And the special about the coliseum is on tonight!!

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled on my Flickr page. We'll be having Lil' G. Wilson's 1 year Photoshoot tomorrow and pictures will soon follow.

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"The Hair" as it once was.

Originally uploaded by HRTWRK.
Thanks to Shua, he captured the last hair cut on film. It's grown out at lot. I think I'm ready for the next masterpiece from Melody.

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I'm not dead nor have I been carted away by war mongering ferrets to a fate worse than death.

I've simply been busy with life that didn't lend much time to the typing on a computer. Plus, I'm just in one of those "me" seasons when I tend to shut myself off from the world.

So, fear not, I'll be back better than ever...shortly.

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