And the Mist Was Like Silver.

Mission San Jose

So we're back in from San Antonio. It was quite overcast and grey the entire time we were there. It made me a happy girl. The Riverwalk is quite a gem in an otherwise bland downtown area. I found it completely difficult to get a proper photograph. I couldn't seem to quite capture the feeling of it all. And then I realized it was okay to just remember it for myself. Karla and I enjoyed our freedom from a schedule and planned activities. We slept peculiarly late and relished in walking everywhere (except for that night that we decided to wear heels and walk 5 miles). I think we accomplished doing touristy things without looking like tourists (or perhaps screaming and running from the kamikaze pigeon bent on decapitation was a giveaway). Yes, we went to the Alamo. Yes, I bought magnets.

The Freaking Alamo!

Then there was the time that Karla fought a crazed lion in the Texas Ranger Museum...

And of course no trip would be complete without some crazy mirrors...

I'm not afraid to admit that the above picture is completely horrifying. But I am continually drawn to it and break out into a horrible fit of laughter.

The wedding itself was absolutely stunning (would you expect anything less?). Complete with a 300 year old Spanish Mission and mariachis.

Mission San Jose

The Blankenships.


After it was all over, we headed back to the hotel, packed, and thanked God for the friendships we have. I also counted the mass amount of mosquito bites incurred at the reception (28 that I can find. I'm convinced there are more...). The next day we spent all day in airports, got searched and stared at by the TSA (haven't you ever seen two girls play cards?). Also, if you are ever stuck in the Memphis International Airport, you should eat at Lenny's. Mmm...subs. Above par subs.

And if you get bored you can:


The End.

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the stars at night...

So, the Karl and I are on our way to San Antonio for the wedding of the season. I'm super excited for many reasons. Most of all because I truly love the people that God has given me to share life with. And we get to share huge moments in our lives with each other. What a gift to share memories with people that you love and respect.

There will be pictures. I will go to the Alamo. I will purchase a magnet. Karl and I will live it up rockstar style on our rooftop pool. There will be tears and laughter and a freaking WEDDING!

Dude, update to follow...

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Oh how I love my redneck town...

Welcome to Ingles and one of my favorite pastimes. The Ingles in our town has problems spelling things...most things. One day, I'd like to have a Scrabble competition where the only rules are, "abide by the laws of the Ingles sign." Which would mean that just about anything goes. It will be a good game. Yes, one day we'll have to do that. In the meantime, I'll settle for documenting the utter sillyness.

Previous winners include:
NY Stip Steak
Pond Cake
Split Chicken Beasts
G G Giant Vegetables
95lb Boston Butt

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Cuz shorty got a car...

I gots some new hair today. Long overdue. I have a really bad habit of not taking great care of my hair. Melody has slowly turned me into an every eight weeks cut. My hair thanks me for it. My scalp thanks me for those amazing washes/massages that Melody gives to the scalp. Plus, it's always a great get-away to G-vegas for a day. I always make a day of it. It goes something like this: color, cut, Quizno's, Falls Park, nap, mmm.

I love days like this it gets me thinking. I'll have to tell you about it someday. Or as Michael Ende would say, "Lanna had many more adventures and made many more wishes before she returned to the ordinary world...but that's another story."

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Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod: A Very Mayberry Story

I had a very Mayberry moment this afternoon. It seemed like a regular day (it really did). I came home for lunch and began to commence with my routine of a nice sandwich and viewing of Family Matters. The only thing askew was Max: The Wondercat did not come to greet me at the door as usual. It wasn't until I was getting ready to leave that I noticed Max was glued to the glass doors barking that weird cat bark that cats sometimes do. And then I saw a wee little bird on the porch. I quickly surveyed the surroundings and noticed that mom bird was on the other side of the porch railing flying from tree limb to ground repeatedly. Upon further inspection, I found two more baby birds. What to do, what to do? I asked Jeeves. And then armed with a shoe box and sock hands I tried to round up the birds. I couldn't help but think of when Opie Taylor got his very first slingshot and proceeded to hit a very mommy bird. Opie took the three birds and raised them: Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod. Of course, Andy taught him some sort of lesson, probably about actions and consequences. Anyway, back to the story. There I was with sock hands, trying to secure the fledglings in a shoebox, away from harm so that the mother bird could tend to her babies...I must say that I cracked under pressure and couldn't do anything. All of the birds were flailing and screaming and then there was the dog barking and Max meowing and Momma bird screaming from her observatory. So I ran back in the house and did what any other girl would do, I called my Daddy.

"Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod are going to die!"

Aside: yes, I named them. It's what girls do. We name things and attach an immediate emotional connection.


"Wink...nevermind. BIRDS, BABY BIRDS! They're little and babies and they're going to die and I don't want to know about it."

And Da to the rescue. He proceeded to fashion a makeshift nest, placed the babies into said nest, and then hung the nest into the tree closest to Momma bird. Momma and babies are reunited. Yay.

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