Good Grief!

I mean have you been outside today? It's the perfect day! Are you working? Are you in the Anderson area? Step outside. It's perfect. And I'm going to stop talking to you now and go outside and roll around in the grass and then after that...I'm taking my parents to the Braves game. Geez...did I mention that it's the perfect day?

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Weekend, you had me at "hello."

After Spelunking...
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As guessed, this weekend was glorious. We made our way to Chattanooga, TN on Thursday evening after work. We being: me, Lee, Karl, LB, and Jon. You see, we were celebrating Jon's birthday (late although it may have been...we wanted to give him an adventure). And what an adventure we had. With our home base as The Bakery, there's no possible chance for destruction (The Bakery being the lovely home of Ragan). Friday morning we made our way to Fort Payne, Alabama to meet up with Israel and his crew from True Adventure Sports. Ragan has known Israel quite a few years and knew that he could be our only adventurer. We began the morning with a 60 foot rappel (which we did twice). Next was the 180 foot free fall rappel (this is the one where you swing about freely above the trees and birds flying below). Lastly, we ventured into a cave for the spelunking. Squirming around like a salamander has never been so much fun. The photoset is on flickr.

And once again, I am reminded how much I love my family of friends. I love our dynamic. I love how we take care of one another whether it be by way of the fist or steadying balance so that we don't fall (in more than just the literal sense).

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Easta, Skateland and The Birthdays.

Syd likes to eat things...
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I've put some photos up from Easter. They're least they were for us when we took them. You might also be pleased to find a few photos from the Michael Brown's 70s themed Skateland USA birthday party that took place this evening. I'm proud to announce that I put on skates for the very first time and actually made it around a lap.

And now, you must excuse me. I have to pack for another gargantuan birthday celebration in honor of our dear Jonny McD. It's going to be death defying!

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Reason #5,876,389 why my dad is awesome...

This weekend, my parents and I were watching the news and there was this story about a black bear escaping or attacking people (I don't remember). And my dad says, "you know, I shot a bear once." And I say, "yeah right." And he says, "No, I REALLY shot a bear."

Apparently in the 60s there was a huge number of bears roaming North Carolina. And some of the parks held a lottery for people to hunt bears. Well, my dad and his best friend won one of the lotteries to go bear hunting. The first day of their bear. The second day, they come into a clearing and are surprised to see a bear. The bear raises up on his haunches (yeah, I said haunches) and my dad shoots the bear with an arrow (Reason #3,444,201 why my dad is awesome...he's proficient with a bow and arrow). And the bear goes down. AND my dad is awesome.

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Rufio, Fun Words and Cutlery.

I saw Take the Lead this past weekend. Oh my crap. Antonio...I'm ready to danse...teach me(in my head I said that with a Spanish accent, so it would probably best to read with the accent. I'll wait while you re-read...Okay, let's continue). Also starring in the movie is Dante Basco. You might know him from the film Hook. It was all that I could do to keep from shouting "RU-FI-OOOO!"

Moving on, I've found a word that will instantaneously bring a smile to your face. Are you ready?


Lastly, I finally purchased House of Flying Daggers. It's seriously one of the most beautiful films that I've ever seen. And by "beautiful" I mean, gorgeously executed, brilliantly saturated with color, and a haunting score. I'll be watching it this weekend if anyone is interested.

Things to note:
1. I need to take dancing lessons. The Fred Astaire Dance Studio might be my best bet.
2. Sneak "snickerdoodle" into every conversation for the next two weeks and watch as it becomes the new "it" word.
3. After watching HOFD, be inspired to make something pretty.

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There's something about the Spring. Perhaps it's the warmth in the air or maybe it's the wind and how it seems just a little more chipper. Perhaps it's the sun begging me to spend the afternoon with him or maybe it's those darn birds who always have way too much fun. They all have a way of working together to affect you. There's an excitement in the air. I think it begins when you start school. Warm weather=no school and certain adventure. It feels like we're on the edge of something. Can't you feel it? It's waiting for us.

It is adventure. It is truth. It is hope. It is love. It is unknown. I want it.

In Your name I will hope, for Your name is good. -Psalm 52:9

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Alright, alright, alright.

Let's bring it in people. Where in the blue blazes did the week go? And just what in the heck are "blue blazes" anyway? Any instruction and guidance on "blue blazes" will be much appreciated. Getting back to the topic at hand although I'm not sure I had something mind, we'll begin to discuss something...

Oh yes, pictures. Of what you ask?

To start with how about this...

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Originally uploaded by Lanna Grace.

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I've been a busy bee.
This is Joe. He's running.
You can see the set here.

Brent Sears photoset here.

New Orleans, New Awlins and the most amazing wedding I've had the privilege of attending... See everyone's pretty faces here.

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New Awlins and the Ride with the Bandit.

So, we just got in from Louisiana. First of all, it is completely surreal to see the devastation around the coast. The smell and sights will consume you. Pray...

Now, the wedding. New 'Awlins is a different world. It's swampy, boggy, wet, humid, flippin' hot, and filled with gravy. It's like a different country with a completely different language. And I loved every moment. I cried A LOT, I ate even more and took a ton of pictures. Heidi and Nick's families are amazing. They love their children and love the people that are in their children's lives. The community floating around this past weekend was intoxicating. The wedding itself took place at Southern Oaks Plantation which was amazingly untouched by Katrina. And we danced and laughed and then rode off in limos. It was like a fairy tale with Heidi starring as the Cajun Goddess and Nick as the soon to be Gree-jun (Greek-Cajun?).

Oh and not to mention I met Burt Reynolds this weekend. I rode in the elevator at our hotel with him and the exchange went something like this:

ding: elevator doors open and Burt Reynolds steps into the elevator...


Burt: Hello, how are you?

me: Fine and you?

Burt: A lot better now that I'm in this elevator with you.

me: Thanks.

Burt: You smell really nice.

me: Um, thanks. I'm here for a wedding.

Burt: Certainly not yours I hope.

me: No, my really good friends are getting married.

Burt: Good, because you are certainly too young and extremely too beautiful to get married.

The elevator dings.

me: Well, this is my stop. It was nice meeting you.

Yeah sort of creepy, but still awesome.

Later that night we saw Denzel Washington and Val Kilmer. Gizz and Jenn got to have a little exchange with Val and he actually sent some well wishes to Nick and Heidi. This morning Jenn had the chance to meet up with Val Kilmer in the elevator again and asked the "other guy" in the elevator to take her picture with her wing man when Val says, "well, you know Jim right?" It just so happens that it was Jim Caviezel (you know Jesus from The Passion of the Christ and The Count of Monte Cristo). Oh and Vivica A. Fox walked past Nick and Heidi as they were off on their way to the Honeymoon.

How's that for a weekend?

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