DeGraw - 8.26.08 - Orange Peel

I'm not going lie, I was a little disappointed with the show. DeGraw seemed out of it and too arrogant. A far cry from the last three times that I've seen him. But, he can still sing Sam Cooke better than any other (that is, of course, besides Sam Cooke himself) performer.

The Orange Peel now has the camera police stationed in various spots on either side of the stage. If someone used a flash or they suspected them of taking video, they would shine a flashlight in their face and send a minion out to make sure they understood the rules. Despite the new no flash rules, I got a few good ones.

Other highlights included:
I Think I'm Really Sexy When I Jam Band Dance Girl. She found her way next to me about half way through the show and began to flail herself about. Then she began to try to convince the security guy that she "like for real" knew Gavin DeGraw and he wanted to see her.

Drunk Girl Arm. Despite her best attempts to throw the rock hand up to the beat of the music, she missed every time.

But the best of all was that upon parking, Bzy and I realizing that it was, in fact, monsooning and we had no umbrellas. We were soaked and it was awesome. Good memories. I'll never trade them.

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Mayer - 8.19.08 - Charlotte, NC

A few from the Mayer show. Dang, so good.

The set is here.

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Wannamaker/Morris Wedding

Wannamaker/Morris Wedding, originally uploaded by Lanna Grace.

It was awesome to get back into the swing of things and start taking photos again. I had taken a brief hiatus during my wedding and after. So, I got the pleasure to photograph Julie's wedding. You can see the whole set here.

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