Dear Santa,

My name is Lanna and I've been really good this year. My mom and dad said that I should have written you sooner. They said that I should have gotten the letter to you before black Friday. I'm not sure what that means. It sounds scary to me and I told them that I don't think that you would be associated with black Friday because it sounds like something not good. And I know that you're really good. Say hello to Mrs. Claus for me. Tell Comet that I'll leave another carrot out for him like I did last year. I'm glad he liked it so much.
Here are some things that I would like...

1. A pony.
2. Pretty Pretty Princess Barbie
3. Jem & The Holograms: Seasons 1-2 DVD set
4. new paints
5. Hasselblad H2
6. Ewan McGregor
7. Anything else that you think I would like (You've always been good at getting me things that I forgot to ask for.)

Your Friend,

p.s. Your elf pretending to be you at Anderson Mall is scary. You should get a new one.

Monday, November 28, 2005 | 7:05 AM | LINK |

Dear Person who Found The RF by way of googling "pictures of hot men in kilts,"

You're awesome. Although I am sad that I did not actually have any pictures of hot men in kilts for you to see. Hopefully soon, I'll be able to snatch a few photos from Haley (it was her wedding that hath brought about the beauty of hot men in kilts) and scan them for the world to see.

Please come back soon. And did I mention that you're awesome?


Tuesday, November 22, 2005 | 8:07 AM | LINK |

Sometimes I feel the need to have to explain myself. I'm one of those who wants people to understand what I'm saying completely. When people ask "how are you doing?" I want to be able to tell them truthfully how I am with no frills or understatements. Moreover, when people ask me what God is doing in my life I want to be able to form into words what He's been teaching me. The past few weeks my words have failed me. At first I believed that my brain was just malfunctioning and soon it would come to an end. But even as I sat down with my journal I just couldn't form into words what had happened that day or the place where God had brought me. I would write and scratch through and try again. I even broke out the thesaurus in hopes of the return of my vocabulary. I began to read through Psalm and a verse that I had read many times stilled my mind, my head and my hand.

"Be still and know that I am God." - Psalm 46:10

So often I feel that I have to document each and every moment. I'm afraid that I will forget it. That I will forget that emotion. But sometimes God presents us with such great a moment that we aren't supposed to be able to describe it. That is the beauty of God. Those moments that are so precious that words cannot and aren't supposed to be documented. Those moments where He stills you and says, "How are we, we good?" And then He gives you this picture, this flower, this gift that is just for that moment. Let me give you an example. There was this sunset the other evening and it was amazing. It was pink, blue, purple, gold, yellow, orange, and some others as well. I could try to describe it to you, but I'm sure you probably wouldn't see in your mind what I saw in person (for the record I took some photos of that sunset. You can see them here.). You see, I could try describe to you one of those amazing moments. And while it may touch your heart or make you think, it's probably not going to come close to what actually happened or the depth of the emotion during that time. And it's completely okay.

I guess I said all that to say this...I've missed the strength of many of my moments spent with my God because the whole time I was thinking, "I have to write this down." It all isn't supposed to be written down. There are times when it is proper to be still and know that He is God. And for our faith to be strengthened by seeing His character refined and cleared in our hearts.

You're probably wondering what happened to spur this on. Well, I could try to tell you, but words wouldn't do it justice...

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Pretty, Pretty.

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I posted a few photos from the weekend in Aiken. There might be one of Haley in her wedding gown, but none of the actual ceremony or reception. I was having too much fun to find a camera (that or too busy staring at the men in kilts).

This is Haley's bouquet. The green flowers are hybersomethingorothers from Holland. The roses are black magic roses from California. The black flowers are chocolate something from somewhere and the list goes on. Needless to say, the flowers were pretty.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 | 7:52 AM | LINK |

The wedding was...amazing. For those of you who didn't already know, it was a traditional Scottish wedding complete with Highland Dress (men in kilts are hot). I can honestly say that I've never witnessed a more beautiful wedding. Some photos will be coming soon, but for the most part the camera stayed away. I wanted to just enjoy time with Haley and not have to worry about capturing everything on camera. I was more involved in this wedding than any other that I've been in and now can say that the title of "Maid of Honor" is slightly stressful. But I wouldn't have wanted to be in any other spot. Haley had some family fly in from Scotland and I had the honor of being able to spend some time with them over the weekend and relish in their stories and accents. We also had the chance to steal away and hike through Hitchcock Woods. Aside from some friction with the Matron of Honor (or as I like to call it, Slapfest 2005 .:or:. Battle of the Bridesmaids), the weekend was relatively drama free. The ceremony took place at St. Thaddeus Episcopal Church and the reception followed at The Rye Patch. Just imagine bagpipes, lots of kilts (men in kilts are hot), a huge wedding gown, tears, imported flowers and herbs, laughter, pretty ladies in red dresses (that would be the bridesmaids), mouth-watering food, and dancing underneath the stars to the likes of Frank Sinatra and Eric Clapton. It was a fairytale wedding. And if you know Haley and Simon you know that a fairytale wedding is the only one that would suit them.

Yay for friends getting married and for men in kilts (men in kilts are hot).

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Goodbye for now.

So, I'm about to hit the open road for Aiken, SC. Haley and Simon are getting married on Saturday and I'm off to do my duties as Maid of Honor. I'll be back on Sunday evening. I know you'll miss me, but you'll manage.

Until then.

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Welcome to our Halloween.

You can see pictures here. I would have posted a photo, but I couldn't make up my mind as to which I liked the best. BUT, if you a few of my favorites.

The McDynamite.

Judith absolutely and completely rockin' the Fro.

Judith again and again.

The Brothers McD.

Jonny Karate, The Ninja Princess.


But I do hope you have the time to take a look at all. They're quite enjoyable if I do say so myself.

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Wait for it...

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they're coming.

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