I am such a dork.

The Episode III teaser is here. Even though the new ones have slightly dissappointed me (sheer cheese factor) I still get excited about them. And this makes me excited.

In other dork news, I watched the new Peter Pan movie this weekend. OOOOHHH. Prettiness. Buy the DVD for me for Christmas...I'll love you forever.

Thanksgiving. I'm excited. I haven't been this excited in ages. I think it's because I work in a preschool. I mean remember when you used to get really excited about holidays? It was when you were in elementary and preschool. There's so much talk leading up to Thanksgiving...and soon Christmas. I'm leaving for Columbia tomorrow after work. I'm taking many books, yarn, and cross-stitch patterns. Yay!

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Unintentional 9 day hiatus.

So, apparently I forgot about the blog for 9 days. But I'm back now, so fear not. There were just more things on my mind than the blog world. I've been thinking a lot lately. And for those who know me, you know that this means major isolation and journaling.

I came to a point of absolute brokenness knowing how much I've prayed to be romanced by God and realizing how many flowers and letters he's been giving me in the form of ethereal days, breathtaking conversations, and beautiful people that up until now I had ignored as being pursuit from God.

It feels different now. I feel different.

As I was jogging this afternoon, the romance intensified. With each breathe I became more and more vulnerable. My lover was standing before me, breathing life from His mouth into me, giving me one more moment. I was so overwhelmed that I had to stop. I had never felt that way before in my life. The intimacy was flooring to me and I felt that I had no legs to stand on. It was like I could hear Him saying, "When you sing that I am the air you breathe and that you are desperate for me, I wanted you to feel what it was truly like. "

Emotions that I thought could only be aroused by a man, were now bringing me to my knees in worship to my God.

I don't understand it. I don't understand how I can be so lucky. And then I realize that I don't have to understand it. It's grace.

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A little truth and beauty from this morning.

"I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open." -Isaiah 22:22

"...These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open." -Revelation 3:7

I'll elaborate later on.

While you're waiting...

One of the many reasons I love Mraz.

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The Fireside Band.

This is my family. The handsome gentleman on the far left is my great grandfather, Donald, with the violin that was left to me. Next is my great aunt, Dorothy with her ukulele. My great aunt Aileen is with her mandolin, and the tall fellow is my grandfather, Harold, with his guitar. They called themselves The Fireside Band. It seems very odd to look at this photo and then look at the violin that I now call my own. History in my hands. I would have loved to have seen them play. I can imagine my grandfather with his animated face strutting around on the stage making a new face as he plucked each guitar string. I miss him terribly. I would have loved to sit with him and listen to him tell stories about his band. He was the most amazing story teller. He had a way of dragging you into a story, whether you wanted to go or not. And then when it was over you would beg for more. He was so genuine when he spoke. I think that's one of the reasons why he was such a great preacher. People loved him. He had a way of making everyone feel special and completely loved. He was a good man. I can only imagine what my great grandfather was like. I've heard stories that he sold his prize cow and calf for the violin. And that his most famous piece was a song about a train. The violin hasn't been played since 1963. For 40 years, it's been silent. It's being restored to playable condition right now. I plan on taking lessons and hopefully breathing new life into it. I want to pass more stories with the violin. Perhaps I'll include a picture of myself playing it for the future generations.

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So, this morning was beautiful. Dense fog. It makes everything look out of place and eerily romantic.

It didn't hurt that I was brought to this passage this morning either, "For God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything." (1 John 3:20b) Yes. What I feel is nothing in comparison to what He feels. And if I bring something earnestly to Him in prayer, how much more He feels about the subject than me. I'm at a peace right now that I can't explain. A peace in knowing that God has me in His hands. And every now and again He gives me little glimpses into what He's doing and where He wants me to go. It's very comforting. Wherein we as Christ Followers should gain our confidence in knowing that we aren't in this alone and something a lot greater than ourselves has our back.

I'm happy today, can you tell?

The view from the best day of my life (see Oct. 24th). Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

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