'Lil G.

'Lil G.
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This kid is so awesome. Mad props to the people who made this one, Ken and Meg. I can't wait until Lil' Rainey makes her way into the world.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006 | 6:53 PM | LINK |

The Return of Happy Toe-Toe.

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This is Torrie. She's one of the original Superhero Squirrels (some of you may or may not be familiar with them). And she's one of my most favoritest people. I hadn't seen her in two and a half years. She's been traveling the US with the Wycliff Dinner Theater. And I've missed her...

So anywho, I was excited and I wanted to share my beautiful friend with you.

Oh, and I'll be in Charleston this weekend for Pudge and Meghan's wedding. It's going to be glorious.

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I'm engrossed by Kate Havnevik and her songs "Nowhere Warm" and "Grace."

Saturday, May 20, 2006 | 10:36 PM | LINK |

Okay, so maybe I was wrong about the weather yesterday. We only had mild hurricane winds combined with a beautiful sunshiney day. I even tried the old "Well, I think I'll go for a walk outside now. The Summer Sun's callin' my name. I hear you now. I just can't stay inside all day..." thing. That is until I got hit in the head with a stick falling from a tree. I don't know about you, but getting some rays is somehow ruined by getting a stick to the head.

In other news, we honored the lovely Melissa last night on her start to nursing school by watching Thundercats season 1. I haven't laughed that hard in quite some time. If you're old enough to remember the series. You might just get a kick out of renting it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go practice my sinister laughing.

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Fun with a wide angle lens.

How do you like my FACE?
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I had a little fun with a wide angle lens the other day. All three photos that I took were just to play around, but I wound up liking them quite a bit.

And it looks like it might just wind up being an overcast day. Much fun...I think I'll head on over to McDowell's Emporium on my lunch break and see what I can dig up. Favorite day = favorite thing. Hmm...could it get any better? I submit that it cannot.

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A lily, oxygen and lots of guns.

So, I had one of those weird dreams again. This time Evangeline Lilly and myself were running from someone...or something. I had a gun and I don't remember if she had one or not, but we were at the point of chase when you have to make a decision.

A life or death decision.

We counted to three and then began our run. Through the hallway, out to the balcony and over the railing to the river below. I woke up just before I hit the water. And I said, "Hello weird dreams. I've missed you."

And Today? Well, today was an afternoon for Lili. We met at Skin's for some hotdog eatin'. And then, well we went to see a movie. In all honesty I wasn't expecting much. You see we were going to watch M:i:III. And I just wasn't excited. Mostly because Mr. Cruise is almost completely annoying.

BUT I'm going to have to give this one 2 thumbs up. I loved it. It was everything that a good action movie should be: Guns, explosions, fun devices, daring stunts (some involving cars), blood, tears, and a little bit of love. For me it included exactly: 5 "whoas," 3 "oh gah!s," 2 scenes of absolutely no intake of oxygen (I honestly think I forgot to breathe), and 1 "oh heck no!" I left absolutely exhausted and thirsting for adventure (or at least pretending to have an adventure as I drive home and enter my front door...I hope the neighbors weren't home...Alpha team in position.).

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