The City Where I Live.

Othello's Approach.

I've become enchanted with the hummingbirds that have taken up house near our porch. My dad has been so cute in making sure the birds have clean, fresh food everyday. This weekend, I set up the tripod and tried to capture the drama. You see we used to have four regulars: Balthazar, Oz, Shakespeare, and Rose. They all took turns, they were all nice...until Othello moved into town. He's bigger, he's badder and he watches and waits to chase all the other birds away from the feeder. Every now and then I'll catch a glimpse of one of the original four stealing a sip. All in all, it makes me happy. And it makes me want to try harder for more pictures. I hope you all are prepared. You can see the entire set here.


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Dear Person who decided to mix a Poodle with every dog breed known to man,

You have successfully created one of the best practical jokes of all time. You have convinced regular citizens that dogs with names like: Bassetoodle, Boxerdoodle, Cockapoo, Doxiepoo, Foodle, Foxhoodle, Labradoodle, Pinny Poo, Pomapoo, Schnoodle, Scoodle, and Whoodle are cool and the new "it," while you sit at home and snicker because I mean really...a Poodle?

You, whoever you are, are a genius.


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I heart my people.

What to do?
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Friday was my belated birthday shindig. So, Lee, Karla, and LB whisked me away to the ATL. But when Plan A was thwarted (Six Flags was closed) the three had to decide what to do. It would be Zoo Atlanta followed by some shopping and a quick dress change at Altantic Station. Jonny and Ragan met us for some fine sushi and great laughs.

And at the end of the day, I have to say that I really love the people that God has given me. I'm glad I get to share my life with you all.

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Still Running...

Well, I'm still running. It continues to grow one me. And I'm preparing for my second race, the Midnight Flight here in A-town. If you see me out running that night, be warned...I'm slow. But at least I'll finish the dadgum thing. I've found that my favorite part of the mornings is stretching. Especially when I've come back in from a long run like this morning and Max (The Extremely Hott Catâ„¢ ) is waiting and joins in with a quiet stretch along with me. It feels good.

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I kid you NOT.

The return of the weird dreams came last night with me in snakes on a plane. I wasn't actually in the movie, but I was on a plane that was filled with snakes. But I managed to break down the door and shimmy down the wing before the plane took off. Whew!

At least I didn't have another one of those Jurassic Park raptors after me in a stainless steel kitchen like I used to...

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I know, I know.

Brandy Caldwell
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I've been posting a lot of pictures lately. But it's been what I've been doing. And it's what I've been excited about. Sooooo...all that to say. I got to help Miss Brandy out with her headshot yesterday. I think we got some good ones. Lee got some good ones too. He's got a canon 300D on loan for a few weeks. You know, the more I get to play around with those digital slrs the more I like em. I mean they'll never replace film in my heart, but I think that I would like one...a lot.

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The rest of Katie's photos are now up on flickr. Yay.

Katie Brock

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Take 2 avec modele.

The Katie.
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Last night Lee and I went for round two with night photography. This time we took a model, our good friend Katie. She's pretty much awesome and pretty it worked out well.

Here's a preview. More to come later...

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I saw MUSE last night.

Holy Crap! I saw MUSE last night.

Seriously one of the most beautifully directed, tight, visually stunning, polished, melt your face off shows I've ever been to.

By the way, did I mention that I saw MUSE last night?

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I bet you never knew night photography could be so much fun.

Last night after LiLi's surprise party (Happy Birthday LiLi!), Lee and I made our way to downtown Greenville to experiment with long exposures and night photography. And I must say, we got some good stuff. And we had a blast.

Intersection and Starry Night.

You can see Lee's photos here and mine here.

Now, go and enjoy your weekend.

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I just uploaded a few photos from a wedding I did in June.

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The Body.

My heart is overcome with beauty right now. I just got home from our 1st Wednesday service at NewSpring. Lives were changed. People rejoiced. Heaven rejoiced. Whoo! I'm still taking it all in. You know it's been 6 years that I've know Jesus Christ as my Savior and it still overwhelms me. Every time that I see someone accept Christ and hear them speak that prayer, I'm immediately taken back to that moment of excruciating joy that I felt and the indescribable gratitude of committing my life to Him 6 years ago. And it's so immaculately beautiful. I'll never be able to take it all in.

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