still rainin'

Ah, yes. It is still raining here. I absolutely love it. In fact, all the rain has made life seem a bit like a movie. I mean there are lots of great scenes from films that involve rain. Let's list them. Feel free to add at will...

Jurassic Park
Man from Snowy River
Legends of the Fall
The Notebook (all the ladies will agree)

That's all I can think of at the moment. We should have a little viewing of Jurassic Tolbert pointed out Sunday we're really just waiting for the fences to shut off and the dinosaurs to escape.

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Last night I had the weirdest dream I've had in a while. I was on a date with some guy. I don't know who he was, but he was very ghetto fabulous...complete with cornrows and basketball wear. Apparently in my dreams I forget about my love of the mohawk. So we're going to a carnival and he is trying to win my affections with his mad carnival game skills. Well, there was one game where they were giving away puppies and he wanted to win me a puppy. He wasn't good and lost. He wasn't happy about the loss and gets a gun from somewhere and shoots the game the head. I proceed to freak out and he runs after me. I find shelter in the tilt-a-whirl. Then I hear him screaming that if I don't come out he's going to start shooting people. I don't budge and I hear a gun shot. I start screaming and come out and he's all freakily telling me to come to him so we can leave. And then I tell him he's crazy and I'm not leaving to go anywhere with him. And he gets down on his knees and starts to cry telling me how much he loves me and he just wants to make me happy. Then we hear the police sirens and he points the gun at me..."What are you doing?" I say. "Making it so we can be together," he says getting up off of his knees and walking towards me. I back up until I hit a fence and can go no farther and then start to cry (of course). He stops and looks at me and grabs my neck (which you know is not good, back off the neck buddy). We hear the police on their bullhorns telling him to put down the gun. I whisper/cry, "please don't." He leans forward kisses me on my forehead and puts the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. I woke up with the final gunshot.

Even in dreams I can't get away from the weirdos that are attracted to me.

I've always had the tendency of having very detailed dreams and then being able to remember it all. This is the first extremely violent dream I've had. I think it was the raspberry popsicle I ate before going to sleep.

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Dang good genes.

The majority of the day I have been in the sleepy town of Pickens. My great uncle died a few months ago and today all of the grandchildren were presented with the family musical instruments. My cousin Gabrielle received the accordian. Caleb got the guitar...and I was lucky enough to receive my great-great-grandfather's violin. Anyone who knows my family will know that I come from an extremely musical background. Anyone who has been lucky enough to attend one of my family reunions has been able to witness it. You see my family can't not sing or play something. They'll play spoons and pots if they have to. Hmm...yes. I love my family.

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lack of updates

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been a little under the weather the past few days. My creativity isn't where it usually is. Also, I almost hit a kid this morning on my way to work. He was crossing the road on his bike in heavy traffic not even looking. People were slamming on brakes everywhere...and then I come over the hill and there he was...I almost hit him and then he flicked me off and kept riding. It was the strangest thing. He couldn't have been more than nine. It was like he was daring people to hit him. I was shaking for an entire hour after the event. Anyway...I'm going to take some Benadryl and sleep for a bit.

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Last night Haley, Simon, and myself went to see Harry Potter. Yes, very good. The best part though, came when we were watching the end credits. We're film nerds and want to pay respects to everyone that was a part of the movie. Plus it's fun to create commentary as the credits roll with different accents. Well there was a gentleman whose name was...get this: Ben Toogood. Hahahahasheeheehehehe. That's just TOO GOOD! HaHa...I crack myself up. Really you all have Ben Toogood to sit there and read this post! Hehe...I'll stop now.

Cruel parents, you know he was tormented through school.

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Insightful Linguist

I took one of those free IQ tests. My score was 126. And it said this about me...

"Your Intellectual Type is Insightful Linguist. This means you are highly intelligent and have the natural fluency of a writer and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist. Those skills contribute to your creative and expressive mind."

What do you guys think?

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Days Like These...

Maybe I'm a weirdo, but I love days like these. I love it when it rains all day and you have to have a lamp on at all times. It makes me feel warm inside. And it makes me want to get a book and a blanket and curl up in my big blue chair and read. The only thing that would make it better, would be that it was winter time. My favorite season and my favorite day all rolled up in one "big happy bouncing rainy cold let's read a book and snuggle with my blankie" package.

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the mood I'm in...

I am ready for love.
Why are you hiding from me?
I'd quickly give my freedom
To be held in your captivity.

I am ready for love,
All of the joy and the pain.
And all the time that it takes
Just to stay in your good grace.

Lately I've been thinking that you're not ready for me.
Maybe you think I need to learn maturity.
They say watch what you ask for because you might receive,
But if you ask me tomorrow I'll say the same thing.

I am ready for love.
Would you please lend me your ear?
I promise I won't complain.
I just need you to acknowledge I am here.

If you give me half a chance I will prove this to you.
I will be patient, kind, faithful, and true
To a man who loves music, a man who loves art,
Who respects the spirit world and thinks with his heart.

I am ready for love.
If you'll take me in your hands,
I will learn what you teach
And do the best that I can.

I am ready for love.
Here with an offering of
My voice, my eyes, my soul, my mind.
Tell me what is enough,
To prove I am ready for love...

Lately I've been in this excessively romantic mood. I am so not the girly girl who squeals and giggles at the drop of a hat. But for some reason I've been wanting to watch any stupid corny chick flick that has any romantic theme. I've also been watching a wedding story all the while sighing in my head. Does anyone know how much I used to despise that show? I mean don't get me wrong...I am a closet romanticist. And I'm all for the romance in the relationship. But I thought "I'll wait and get all romantic when I'm in that relationship"...otherwise you just torture yourself with great ideas that you could do for that person and are forced to keep a notebook of "Good Ideas For When I'm in a Relationship." Perhaps its all the weddings that have been happening. Or perhaps I have a case of Spring fever. Whatever the case I made a mix cd of love songs...what? O dear...I think it's getting serious.

By the by, Ready for Love is a song written by India.Arie and is on the mix cd called "That Spring Thang". I'll be making more copies for anyone who would like to join me for the mood I'm in.

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chicken with no head...

busy, busy, busy...

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Ode to the 212.

sing to 'O Tannenbaum'

O...da 212, 0, da 212
The hotties were overflowing
Not only hott when winter's cold, but also when they're crude and bold.
O, da 212, O, da 212
The hotties are never changing.

O, da 212, O, da 212
The Cat peed on the couch
We lock them up Max eats the bread, we let them out The Cat pees again...
O Fatty Cat, O Fatty Cat
We will miss your accent. (He's french)

O, da 212, O, da 212
The hotties have separated
But we will not stop sharing times, and definitely not jokes about wines.
O, da 212, O da 212
The hotties are never changing...


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So, here are the details from the weekend. Because let's face is interesting. All of our lives are interesting.

FRIDAY: The majority of the day I watched Reagan's funeral. It was one of those things that you can feel the history happening around you. Everyone had such great things to say about him. Two things that each speaker had in common were that he was a a godly man and that he loved his wife. I pray that when people remember me when I'm gone that they will all remember me as a godly woman who loved her husband...

The ladies and I had dinner at Corbett McGee's. It's a great little Irish Pub for a little Irish lass...definitely one of my favorite places in Anderson. Great food. I had the drunken chicken...yum! Then we left...and to make a long story short...

stoplight. crosswalk. bang bang on back of car. "jerk." butt grab. kissie kissie. chest grab. crotch grab. THE END. (it's supposed to be incoherent...if you want to know the entire story ask Steph)

Then we watched Identity with John Cusack...scared me to the point that I was afraid to drive home...but I did anyway.

SATURDAY: Chase has ringworm. What the Crap!! The rest of the day I became obsessed with antibacterial lotion. It worked because I'm ringworm free...OCD is good every now and then.

We went to see wrastlin' at the rec center. Lots of fun as always. They've got themselves a new ring...gettin all fancy. We saw: a man in his underwear...EWWW. EWWW. A man who could "really wear those shorts." And lots of blood...EWWW.

We also got to play in the ring...yay for having the hookup. Shua...where's that desktop?

SUNDAY: Church. Cookout. Swim. Nap. Ice Cream. Sleep.

There you go...a weekend of me.

Right now Max would apparently like to say hello. The entire time I have been typing in this entry he keeps walking on the keyboard. This of course makes for frustration. Having to delete what he types is getting the keyboard is yours my friend.


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Remember when...

So, remember that all nighter that a few of us pulled a couple of weeks ago? You know the one where we stuffed six people in Pippin and camped out in a driveway for about an hour? Then we watched the sun in all its glory rise?

Well, here is a picture of two from that morning...

Yeah, my friends should be models.

I'll be remembering that evening/morning for years to come.

Interesting fact: Did you know that deodorant will make mosquito bites stop itching? Thanks to Dunagan and his manly insanely large mosquito bite no longer itches.

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Look Ma, I met a celebrity!!!

I mean do you know how hard it was to track down the Spin the Bottle Regional Champ?
And who would of thought that he was undercover in Anderson...

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This kid totally has my heart. For those of you who don't know, I work with two autistic children. This is one of them. It never fails that he brightens my day and shows me something new. I see God using him in so many ways. I know He's used Chase in my life.

Because of him I look at things differently now. I try to look for new perspectives. I take life a little slower. I live...I take each day and I live.

This child enjoys life. This is the child that encouraged me to take a closer look at a blade of grass, to hold a ball up to the sun and see the light through it, and to stare at my hand to see how it works. I think I said not too long ago that sometimes the most simple things in life are the most beautiful. Chase has that concept down.

And in case you were wondering, he loves music. His favorite song is Let it Be. How do I know since he can't verbally communicate? He has this keyboard player and he'll press the play button interrupting all of the other songs until Let it Be starts. When it's over...he'll do it again.

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New Acolyte

Last night was freakin' awesome!!! Nick, Heidi, Kylie, Eric, Ken, Brooks, and myself journeyed to Atlanta last night for the Dieselboy/AK1200/Dara/Messinian show (Please journey to the Adventures in Creativity site for more details). I am now going to become a club kid following the lovely Planet of the Drums boys everywhere they go. Holy crap and a half! You can't not move when you hear this stuff. I am now a mad believer of the drum and bass. Long live electronica!!

We walked in and I felt like I had entered a movie. Eleven50 is exquisite. If I lived in Atlanta, I'd be there every night. Hooray for Nick for inviting me to go...we danced and sweated to the wee hour of 3am. The breakdancing was street. I also got hit on by a 50 year old man...EWWW. Kudos to Eric for stepping it up and guarding me from the creepiness.

There were exactly 3 mohawks in the building. Two were extremely nice. One was exceptionally great...a little two-tone mini-classic. Three cheers for the Atlanta boys for knowing how to rock a mohawk...if only I had my camera.

I also have a new celebrity crush...ladies and gentlemen please meet Messinian, the MC from last night...

He came out into the audience and danced for a better believe that I was right there...sweat and all. He's even prettier when he's 2 inches from your face.

The best thing about last night was how polite everyone was. The dancing tends to get a bit spastic, but if you happen to be hit...there are apologies everywhere! It was a great atmosphere...I can't wait for my next show.

Pics will be posted as soon as they are developed...can I just say that the Ladies were stinking hott last night! Also stay tuned for updates on the new band Smurf Crack...and their new album, Pixie Dust that will be dropping shortly...maybe.

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Pachyderms and such

This past weekend I rented an incredible movie, Elephant. Gus Van Sant wrote and directed. It's should all go rent it. If you're feeling extra generous you could buy it for my birthday(August 5).

Have you noticed that after we turn 13 we stop making lists for our birthdays? Why is this? I think I'll make one now:

1. Elephant DVD
2. nifty car plate for the front of my car
3. vintage camera strap for the Canon
4. anything illustrated by Brian Froud
5. Stuart Townsend...okay maybe not really

hmm...that's all I got for now...list will be continued at a later date.

The best thing I'll be getting for my birthday though, is something that I didn't even have to ask for. A few of my beloved friends(Nick, Kylie, and Heidi) are throwing me a luau on the beach this year. Everyone is invited!!!

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The Award Goes To...

I've decided to start the Resplendent Fancy Random Award of the Day™. These will not be daily as they are random.

Today's recipient of two awards goes to Alex Band from The Calling. He has won the HOLY CRAP THAT VOICE DOESN'T GO WITH THAT BODY™ and the YOU ARE PRETTIER THAN MOST GIRLS™ awards. Congratulations Alex.

And in case you were wondering...I am addicted to Zero7's Somersault at the moment. It has been on continuous repeat for the last hour. You should all go to their website now.

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Sometimes the most simple things in life are the most beautiful.

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I'm an introvert. I have problems opening up to people. My first instinct and desire when I come home in the evenings is to go into my room with my journal, listen to Sigur Ros and spend time in prayer and reflection of the day. This isn't bad, but it isn't always good. I don't invest myself in people like I should. God has given me the gifts of mercy, encouragement, and discernment. I'm good at giving these to people... I can listen to other people share, but I in return don't share back. I think on some level I'm afraid of letting myself out in the open...of not being really I keep it all to myself and only give fragments away at a time. Nick says that he thinks people like me are selfish...keeping a great mind locked away in a notebook. I don't know about a great mind, but here goes...

Nick, this one's for journal entry for today.

June 3, 2004 4:56pm

Chase got sick today. My heart hurt so much for him. He's probably not been feeling well all week, but had no way to tell us. All he wanted me to do today was hold him. He would stand in front of me and sign "up". He would grab my face and look at me in the eyes...I want to be able to talk to him. I want to know what this little mind is thinking. He can't say, "Lanna, I don't feel good. Please call my mom." or "Lanna, I'm glad to see you." It breaks my heart. And yet, God uses him so much in my life.

I've been crying a lot lately. For no apparent reason. I am very much a woman. Today, I just cried and cried and prayed. I didn't know what to pray for or how to pray. And He showed me the image of Chase asking to be picked up and to be held. And it occured to me that I don't have to know what to say or what to pray for...all I have to do is ask to be held. Even though I couldn't hear Chase speak I could see and feel in my heart what He was feeling. How much more must my Father feel me. Matthew 6:8 says "for your Father knows what you need before you ask him" No verbal communication is needed when a heart is shared.

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Lesson in Mohawks

Hi, my name is Lanna and I love men with mohawks. Some people ask, "Lanna, what makes a good mohawk?" Well never fear for I am here to tell you. It takes someone special to pull off the classic mohawk.

Elements for a good classic mohawk:
1. attitude
2. height (on the hawk that is)
3. a nice shaving job on either side

This is an awesome hawk. This one isn't bad either. This one lacks a lot.

The next type of hawk is the fauxhawk. Now, this is becoming more popular since Orlando Bloom made it famous. Now every preppy boy every which way is sporting it. Some can pull it off some can't. If you ask me he had more potential when he tried the classic mohawk. So sad.

Beckham can do it Seacrest can't.

Now it's time for my favorite mohawk. I'm calling it the mini classic. It has the height of a fauxhawk with the style of the classic. I melt when I see these. Yes, very nice(just commenting on the hawks folks...not the attractiveness of the men.).

Well, kids that's all I have for today. I hope you enjoyed it. I would now like to campaign for those gentlemen I know who need a "mini classic". Lee, Nick, Adam...find a friend and get to work. time let's keep it for more than a week.

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The Denny Squares

Last night we went square the Woodmen of the World building in Anderson. The Pacesetters, Anderson's own square dancing club, meets every Monday night in the building. We met the president of the club last Monday night(our Big Fish Adventure) at Denny's. They invited us to come and dance with them. We took them up on their offer. We were the youngest there by years(like 40 on up), but I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time. These are the kind of dynamic memories we'll be telling our children. Everyone there came to welcome us and give us a hug. And we even got to dance a little. Brent found a new lady friend...Jeri Maddox...she was so hot in her denim puffy skirt and gold shoes. They introduced us as The Denny Squares since they met us at Denny's. Arent' they cute? It was the most fun for $2 that I've spent. Yes, that's right kids, we only spent $2 for 3.5 hours of unprompted fun. They also fed us...they fed us hot dogs, homemade cole slaw, potato salad, deviled eggs, baked beans and an entire table of homemade cakes and cookies. I felt like I was at my family reunion. We ended the evening with a friendship circle...a perfect ending. That is until Bob, told Nick to make sure that Kylie and I came back to the Beach Party in bikinis...eww.

Kylie and I will be taking lessons in the fall...any young gentlemen care to be our partners? We're going all out...we're making those cute little's so on.

Grab your partner...docey doe...flip the wave and there you go...

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