return of the whacked out dreams.

I had a dream that I was going on vacation. I was staying at a friend's house from high school. There were a large group of us there. There were some friends from high school and then Mel, Chris, Jon, and Whitley. And randomly there was Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano. Well, things were going great until the power went all crazy. There was a hurricane coming through town(maybe we were close to the beach). Well, the rest of the dream was just a blur. I do remember the intense feeling of fear. And there were people dying. I remember it was just a huge ax floating around. And I remember locking myself in the upstairs bathroom and I was contemplating jumping. Then an older couple came to check on us and it all stopped.

I blame this one on the strawberry milk I had before going to bed.

Last night I had a dream that I was stuck on an elevator and the door open and a little person came in and gave me a shot in the arm. When I woke up I was in a tiny office building. I couldn't stand up all the way because the ceiling only reached about 4 feet. I realized I was surrounded by other people my age. I found out that I was brought there to work as a sales clerk for 10 years and then I would be able to go home.

I know this was directly caused by watching Being John Malkovich.

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I must confess that as a child of the 80s, I was a huge New Kids on the Block Fan. Yes, even more so I was a Joey McIntyre fan.

"Oh Joey Mac, I'll forget Ralph Macchio (who needs a karate kid?)...and I really didn't want to marry Luke Skywalker anyway*."

Yes, yes I had it bad. He was also the first teenybopper poster that graced my wall. But, as a 12-year-old I was convinced that the management of NKOTB had placed tiny cameras in the eyes of their posters and in my paranoia I decided it would be best to change in the bathroom.

Why am I confessing this portion of my young life? Well, as I was cleaning this evening I broke out my NKOTB: Step by Step cassette. Yes, that's right...cassette. There is one radio in the house that still has a tape deck. As I rocked out to "Call it What You Want," "Tonight," and "Where do I go From Here," I wondered what happened to the boy that once had a place on my wall. Well, he's grown up quite nicely...
and is now on Broadway. little teen idol.

I'll stop being weird now and go to bed.

*What was I thinking back then...Han Solo is so the crush of choice.

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My Town.

I am aching to take pictures in Greenville. If you haven't been in a while, you should really go. A few of us spent the late hours walking around the new and improved Reedy Falls Park after a viewing of Our Town at the Warehouse. I think I'm going to try and take a field trip this weekend for some picture taking. We'll see how that goes...

Now, I'm going to the library.

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Intimacy of a whisper.

So I'm supposed to be house/cat sitting for Simon this week. He left yesterday for a writer's conference in New Orleans. Well, I go to the house today and I can't find his cat. I mean I look and look, but the cat is no where in sight. There's cat food, water and a litter box...but no cat. I looked everywhere. I looked in the closet, under the bed, under the couch, in the cabinets, in the shower, in the pantry, and I still couldn't find the cat. I don't like this. I hope he hasn't crawled into a vent or gotten stuck behind the refrigerator. I really don't like this. I'm supposed to be able to find the animal I'm taking care of.

Have you ever realized how intimate whispering is? I mean whispering are the words meant from your mouth to another's ears that no one else can hear. That's intimatcy. I never realized how intimate they were until my privacy was encroached upon by an unwelcome visitor. Men, never whisper in a woman's ear that you don't know. Especially if you're trying to hit on her. Yes, I know how to attract them...but you'll be proud that I responded with a quick shove and a "PLEASE STAND BACK SIR!" I gave him more than was due by calling him "sir." I'll save my whispers for my friends thank you.

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I spent the better part of late afternoon photographing a certain Peyton Beaty. It was one of those great rolls of film where an entire set comes out nearly flawless. I will be showcasing the best of the best in the coming days. Stay tuned here.

This was also the afternoon I realized that my Canon is on it's last leg. It's been slowly deteriorating over the past year. My automatic modes no longer work and I'm losing my manual functions one by one. And there is just no money in the budget for a new camera. I'm just praying that Ye Olde Canon will at least make it through my vacation to England. Otherwise I'm in deep crumpets...or something really disgusting.

(from the park Saturday.)

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I'm in a meeting. I'm about to fall asleep. It's In-service day for teachers. Joy upon joy. We're learning why it's not good to have posters of beer and scantily-clad calendars of women in your classrooms. What? Yes, it could dramatically reduce your classroom rating. Um...ya think?

Okay...I'm going now. More later.

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Car Repair and Such.

I am completely dumb when it comes to cars. I have no idea how to do anything...not even put air in the tires. I should probably learn the basics. But then, I've only been driving for a year.

Yesterday a woman flagged me down in the road. She said, "Honey, you're riding on two flat tires!" Excuse me? Oh yeah, it was really bad. But I never go on the right side of my car. I had no idea that they were going flat. Hardly anyone ever rides with me, so they can't tell me if the tires are flat. What to do? My dad was at work...they needed air...I had no idea what I was doing. So I called in for reinforcement. It seemed I had a nail in my tire. Interesting.

Well, Pippin is fine now. My wonderful Dad took him to get patched today. But now I know how to put air in my tires. The next project is learning how to change a tire. This should be fun.

Now, I'm going to hope the hurricane comes soon(I love storms) and sit in the dark and listen to the rain.

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I just submitted three of my photos to an amateur photo contest. I'm nervous. I've never done anything with my photography since I started. EEK!

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Invisible Husband.

Last week I was asked about my "husband" 4 individual times. I wonder if people are so blind that they can't see that my left hand is completely bare of a ring or if they think that I'm "that kind of girl" who would choose not to wear a ring.

"Where's your husband? I'd really like to meet him."
"Does your husband go to New Spring too?"
"Are you here with your husband?"
and lastly...
"How's your husband? I was so excited to hear that you were married."

What the crap. Perhaps he and the ring are invisible to me. Or perhaps in an alternate universe I am married and somehow the universes are overlapping. Go figure.

Moving on, Mel and I spent yesterday afternoon enjoying the musical acoustic treat offered by The Films formerly known as Tinker's Punishment. This was the first time I've heard them in an acoustic format and I very much enjoyed it. Bravo gentlemen. They will be in their full rock form this friday at The Esso in Clemson. And yes, I will be going.

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I changed the profile pic. It seemed my eyes scared Nick and he asked that I change the picture. So, here you eyes in sight Nicholas. This is all I got people, unless someone is willing to donate another picture that they have taken of me (got any more shua?). Generally I find it hard to photograph bring 'em on people.

Monte was very pleasing last night. Having no background of him or his music(aside from clips from his website), I was extremely fascinated and walked away with the satisfaction of a well spent $12.50 and a tummy full of tasty music. How on earth can he be human? or is he?

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The Gravel Road

I've found that driving in the rain accompanied by The Village Soundtrack will make an otherwise crappy day become ethereal. I begin driving with a purpose and the violin and rain take me somewhere other worldly and I realize that I'm not in Anderson anymore...I come out of my trance and realize that I'm in Clemson. Interesting.

So, yeah I've had the mother of all Crap days. Work was extremely frustrating. Bad weather does something to people and children. But it's over and tomorrow will be a new day. Complete with some Monte Montgomery. I'm ready for the weekend.

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I got absolutely nothing for today.

We'll blame it on the rain, or Milli Vanilli.

I think I'll go find a book to read.

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I think I love you...

If I were a teeny bopper in 1972, I so would have had a crush on David Cassidy.

Yes, yes, I know. "But Lanna he was such a dork!" Yes, I'm just saying that if I had been 16 in 1972, I would have had a crush on Mr. Cassidy.

I also would have been driving this car

(its a 1972 camaro).

While in the car, I would have been listening to Pink Floyd's Obscured by clouds .

In my down time would have been reading J.R.R. Tolkien's , and going to the theater to see .

What would you have been doing?

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one for the McD...

Since McD asked so nicely...I've made a little photoblog for Fancy Fotos™. I'll do my best to post a photo a day.


Saturday, September 04, 2004 | 11:26 PM | LINK |

After investing in vast amounts of visine and tylenol pm...I am doing much better. Thanks to all of you who offered their concerns and prayers. And for those of you who insist that we should get a new dog, I say "no thanks." I honestly don't want to have to go through this again in another 12 years. Besides, Maximus The Wonder Cat has now become Maximus the Psycho-I-Know-Something's-Wrong-So-I-Want-to-Make-Out-With-You-in-a-French-Accent-Cat. Ever since Monday he's been a little extra loving. I really don't know how to tone him down.

Anyway, I'm ready for the weekend. This has been officially the longest week of my life.

And congrats to f. Simon Grant on starting a little teaching deal at Clemson. Here's the man this past summer at the race track.

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