Photo-ing Updates.

I've been burning up the lenses on my cameras lately. And enjoying it immensely. I've been absolutely blown away by people and their support of me in this venture. It's extremely humbling and it makes me very thankful that I can use my gift to bring others joy.

So what have I been taking pictures of?

Rainey and G '07. I've had the pleasure of taking photos for Ken and Meg for a few years now and it's always a pleasure. And their kids are so flippin' cute! The set is here.

Rainey and the Bubbles.G.

Sandy and Andrea (or Sandrea as they are known around the office). I love these two. They're beautiful, funny, and love Jesus. They're getting married in September. The set is here.

Andrea and SandySandy and AndreaSandy and Andrea

This past Saturday I got the honor to photograph my good friend, Bish, as he asked Lauren to marry him. It was awful romantic and super sweet. More pics to come soon for them. Yayur.

Didn't you hear?

Lastly, this Monday night I took some photos for my friends who are in a band during their practice. Of course, they will be coming soon.

Woo photography!

FACT: All my friends are way hott. It's ridiculous.

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Keeping in line with "Holy Crap There's a Cat Toe-nail In My Eye" and "Vituperating Possums" comes "A Frozen Cheese Block Just Broke My Foot."

In the very strange everyday life of me, I'm convinced that I'm a magnet for the random. I like random things. It gives me much to write about and allows me to not take myself so seriously. But sometimes random things hurt. The cat nail in my eye hurt a lot. Being chased by a rabid possum hurt my pride. And having a frozen block of dairy product plummet, corner down, onto the top of my foot is quite excruciating.

It was like any other evening. I was getting ready for bed and I usually put a bottle of water into the freezer to get it nice and slushy before bed. So, I go and open the freezer like any other evening. I just didn't know that this evening, a piece of dairy would decide to attack my already ailing right foot (last night I stubbed 3 of my 5 toes on a leg of a wicker chair). With quite a vengeance, the BLOCK OF PAIN hurled itself from it's resting place and struck the top of my foot with it's corner. It was one of those pains where words really don't do anything justice. You just lean over and hyperventilate for a few moments. When breath finally does come back into your lungs, your only course of action is to throw the said BLOCK OF PAIN across the room and shout expletives such as: "SON OF A BISCUIT EATER!!" and "LINT LICKING LEMUR!!" Then you fall down and wimper, pull yourself up and use the frozen BLOCK OF PAIN as an ice pack.

I come to you now, foot raised and blue, contemplating how exactly I'm going to explain to my boss what happened when he asks why I'm limping.

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Keifer's My Hero.

I've finally been released from the confines of my room. It wasn't quite as bad as I thought it was going to be. I did not glow. My eyes, ears, arms, and legs have stayed in their proper places. I did not acquire any special spidey-skillz, even though that would have been marvelous. I was not as bored as I had originally anticipated. The latter I will attribute to the completely addictive 24 sucking me in to it's ridiculous spell. Each season has the same formula and yet I can't stop watching. And to tie it all together I swear the spitting image of Kiefer himself gave me the radioactive pill. I remember sitting in his office as he was giving the rundown of can and can'ts that I could do, and I thought "holy crap he looks just like Kiefer Sutherland...strange." Only fitting that I went home that afternoon with my gamma ray emission and began watching 24. Dr. I-look-just-like-Kiefer-Sutherland also told me that in a few days I would feel like a new woman. He said most women say they wake up and feel like a completely new person. I'm still waiting for that day. I've had quite a bout of the sickies and ready to be, well, normal.

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Vote for me!!

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Starting Thursday, I'll be radioactive. That's right. Radioactive.

Some of you know that I've been in a bit of a funk lately. I've felt zapped of energy and sleeping a ridiculous amount of time (which came as a bit of a shock considering the bout of insomnia I had a few months ago). So I went to the doc. And many tests later I've come back with the diagnosis of a toxic adenoma something-or-other thyroid. Basically my thyroid is releasing toxic amounts of hormones into my body. But wait, it gets better... To solve the problem I will be dosed with radioactive iodine which will kill my thyroid and will also leave me radioactive for a few days. BAM! Perhaps I'll come out of the situation with special spidey skillz. That would be awesome or something.

So, if any of you have any suggestions of ways to keep myself occupied during my 5 day isolation, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Books, Artistry, Responsibility and that little Pirate movie.

In continuation of my 30 Before 30 List. I've started writing a book (#24). I'm not sure what it will, in the end, be about or if it will ever be published. I have to tell you that I don't really care. It's more about a personal goal and maturation. I must say it's quite exciting to begin compiling ideas and ordering them in some sort of fashion. I've rediscovered my love of the outline, index cards, and pencils. Photography of course, will be another large part of the book as well. Many of you have heard it said that a dream of mine (provided that money and circumstance were no hindrance) is to take a year and travel the world with my camera. I've been working on my short term dream of portraiture. Luckily, I'm surrounded by beautiful people who don't mind having their picture taken. I want to improve myself as a portrait artist and as an artist in general. I've always felt that as artists we have a huge responsibility to improve our skill and nourish our gift. We are given the sight to, in our own way, create things. With that, I believe comes communion with the Creator Himself. He has seen fit, for us, to be given the insight in to making something. It's a dangerous thing. And just like any gift, it can be corrupted and misused. My prayer is that in all forms I will bring glory to Him in all forms. So to all of you artists...painters, writers, musicians, photographers, film makers: Remember, that you were given an amazing gift and with that gift comes great responsibility.

In other completely unrelated news, I saw Pirates 3 last night. I'll admit it was a little long (which could have been remedied by shortening the too long fight sequences). I liked it. That's right I liked it a lot. It was fun and made me want to go to Disney World. It may have also made me say, "Dang that Orlando Bloom is piratey dreamy goodness." Maybe, but I'll never own up to it. You know he had a really great mohawk once...

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