The Secret Life.

There's something going on in my closet. I think my clothes have some sort of secret life. The more I try to make room. The less space I seem to have in my closet. Perhaps they're revolting. Perhaps they're'll never take us alive. Or perhaps somehow they jumped over the line of inanimate and have become a very prolific phenomenon.

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I'm still trying to process exactly what I saw this past Sunday. I'm still trying to figure out words that would properly express what I felt, what I'm still feeling. It was a day that I don't think I'll ever forget. Last week, Perry gave a challenge to our congregation. Hundreds of people came forward and placed on the stage a name. These names were mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, roommates, husbands, wives, and coworkers just to name a few. All of which did not know the Lord, some perhaps who have never even murmured the name of Jesus Christ. The next step to Perry's challenge was to have them here this past Sunday. All throughout the week we prayed over the names on the stage. And the people came. We had over 8200 people walk through the doors on Sunday and I watched as 214 people prayed to accept Christ. Hearing the voices of 214 people cry out to Jesus for the very first time is one of the most beautiful things that I've ever heard.


Thank you for letting me be a part of this.

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So, Friday afternoon Karl and I decided to have some fun and take some pictures. Where did we go? Well the only place to go...The Jockey Lot. We roamed around and found a few places and yes, there's even pictures of me. Kind of odd.

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It's the first day of Fall. I've been waiting all year. Bring in the cold. Bring in the wind. Bring in the yellow, orange and red. Bring on the scarves. Bring on the hot chocolate. Bring on snuggling by the fire and roasting marshmallows. Bring on the pumpkin pie. Bring on the cute hats and gloves. Bring on the leaf piles for jumping. Bring on the pollen...wait. Bring it on Fall, bring it on.

I've missed you.

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Into the Mystic v2.0

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Mel and I spent the day in the mountains. And it was magical. Absolutely surreal and extremely reminiscent of this day. We went to just get away and it was nice. And we had lunch in the rain. Because dadgummit we packed a picnic and we were going to eat outside no matter the weather. Hoodies and blankets later we sat on the picnic table and looked at the mist and ate...and laughed. A few pictures are here.

And then later, Karl and I got into some raucous mischief (more to come on that later).

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I've been a bit inspired as of late.

I'm still painting and taking canvases...(hint, hint). And I've been listening to
Ray LaMontagne's new album, Till the Sun Turns Black. It's good in that Van Morrison sort of way that just takes you to a special place, a vintagey place.
And I've been sewing (I'm blaming it on netflixing Project Runway).

It's one of those time when you're just immersed with ideas swimming in your head and you find that you have to carry a notebook with you to try and keep up with the ideas. You have to mark them, because if you're like me you'll forget by the time you get home. It's frustrating because some you wonder how they will come to fruition (if they can) and others are just hope and excitement. You're standing on the edge of something, you can feel it...

I know I say that a lot, but I treasure that excitement. And so far, I've never been disappointed.

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For Jonny.

Many of you who know me have probably heard at some point me singing..."Laaaaambert, the sheepish lion, Laaaaambert there's no denyin'. Now he's a wild and wooly sheep, Lambert the Sheepish Lion." And well, most of you thought I was crazy. But you see that song came from a very special place in my heart. A place where all my favorite cartoons live. And Lambert the Sheepish Lion was always one of my favorites. And as I grew older I met someone who remembered Lambert, Jonny McDizzle.

Well, I found that cartoon of old and here it is for your viewing pleasure. I hope it takes you to a place of sheer happytastic!

Lambert the Sheepish Lion

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The Midnight Flight came and went and I shaved 5 minutes off of my previous time! Yessss!

More later...

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