This is Napoleon.

You all will be friends I'm sure.

Moving on, last night a few brave people went to Wompus Woods. A joyous time was had by all. Especially when Nick screamed like a girl. And I'm sure it was just as humorous when I fell on my bum as a giant clown with a chainsaw jumped in front of me. 30 minutes of screaming fun. I'm ready to go again.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004 | 7:02 PM | LINK |

Into the Mystic.

I must say that the past two days have been absolutely incredible. I've felt like I've been in another world.

Saturday, was spent taking pictures with Shua. We went to Pendleton to photograph the ruins of Tanglewood(once the largest house in the town). It was like stepping back into time. I loved every moment of it. I plan to go back and take more pictures before it is cleared to build the new library. And if you want to see the results of that day...head on over to Fancy Fotos (I'll be posting throughout the week). After that Williamston and then on to the fair for more fun pics!

Today, however, has to go down as the best day of my short life thus far. I can't even begin to capture every moment in this small space, but to say that it was incredible would be an understatement. Church was awesome...a great message on friendship. Then my pixie cohort, Kylie, and I ventured to the mountains of NC. We, of course, got lost...and then found our way again. It felt like the entire day was that of a movie. Each scene of the day fit perfectly with a song that we just happened to be listening to. Perhaps we found our way onto the set of Lothlorien...then stumbled into the Prince of Thieves backdrop. The mist/fog was indescribable. Half way up the mountain we entered the dense fog where we couldn't even see our hands as we stuck them out of the car window. Then we would find ourselves in spots where God chose to open up to the heavens with fall blue sky and fiery leaves. Magical. Even our late, late lunch was perfect. We happened into a cafe to find ourselves being serenaded by a man of his mid-60s and eerily sounding like Tom Waits. Of course he would cover John Mayer's Come Back to Bed. A perfect day that could only be a result of God's perfect timing. I have never seen anything as beautiful as today. Not just the scenery, but every single part. How small I am. It humbles me to know that God loves me enough to give me this call me friend. We are the lucky ones.

Here's to more magical times to come.

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I've been really excited today. I'm not so sure why. Nothing extremely out of the ordinary has happened. I got up, went to work, went home, went to home group, came home and now I'm about to go to bed. But for some reason I've been excited. It's like that feeling when you were little about the next day being Christmas. That's been today for me. I feel like tomorrow is Christmas, but I don't know why. I can remember that last Christmas just didn't feel like it used to and I remember wishing that I could get the excitement back. And now here it is, mid-October. I'm going to try my hardest to make this coming Christmas as magical as possible. I've got a wonderful family and amazing friends. There are going to be no excuses this year. I'm seeing a trip to a Christmas tree farm, horse drawn carriage, hot chocolate, a bonfire, and many more fun things this December. Heck, I'm going to start praying now for a white christmas.

There was just something in the air today. Did anyone else feel it?

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So my dad passed out last night. Everything's fine...he's very okay. He just has a really bad virus. He decided to go into work and blacked-out and hit his head. Suprisingly we were only at the hospital for about an hour. He's got that wretched rhodawhatever. So I'm at home today playing nurse and praying that I don't get sick. Both mom and dad are moaning as I type...eerie mood in the house today.

Good thing I was at home to open my summons to jury duty...

p.s. I finally updated the photoblog.

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I wonder about those whose job it is to edit movie trailers. They can make bad movies look irresistible and good movies breathtaking. I would find it incredibly hard to surf through 2+ hours of material to make a 2 minute trailer. A job I would love to try, but just don't believe I'd have the eye for. I tend to be long-winded, which is more than likely detrimental in that line of work.

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Resplendent Fancy Random Award of the Day™

Yes, it's back. And today's RESPLENDENT FANCY AWARD OF THE DAYgoes to yours truly for WITNESSING THE MOST DISGUSTING THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. No jokes here folk, just what happens in the life of a teacher. We have a very interesting child in our afternoon class. He's a little bit on the crazy side. Every afternoon at the same time he hides under something or behind something to do his business (and by "business," I mean #2) in his diaper. Well today he chose to sit in plain view in the gym. We figured he was busy because he gets a nice glazed look over his eyes. Well, all of the sudden he sticks his hand up the side of his shorts and pulls out a nice brown finger. With absolutely no hesitation...he sticks that very same finger into his mouth, as all three teacher run in slow motion screaming "NOOO!"

I'll pause for a moment to let the visual that my words have created sink in...

I wanted to vomit. I still want to vomit. Come to find out he has a habit of playing with his poo. At home he frequently hides and empties his diaper to play with and eat his own feces! Um, shouldn't you put a stop to that mom? Anyway, I'm disgusted and therefore need to somehow make myself feel better by giving me my own award.

Aren't you glad you visited my blog today?

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Okay, who wants to take me to see Chicago at the Peace Center?

Monday, October 11, 2004 | 3:59 PM | LINK |

I slept to almost noon today. I haven't done that in years. I've begun to selfishly claim Saturdays as my own. It's the only day I have completely to myself. And if I want to sleep late I will, and if I want to get up early and go to the mountains I will, and if I want to spend the entire day thrifting...I will. Today, my dad and I went to Easley. No reason. We just went to Easley. I haven't seen my dad all week, he's already left for work when I get home. And if I were to say that I was a Daddy's girl, it would be an understatement. I respect my Dad more than anyone I know. I never question his judgment and he always helps to steer me in the right direction. He is wise, kind, humorous, and adventurous. I love chances to hang out with him. So he walks into my room and says, "Squirt, you wanna go driving?" And I said, "Yeah, you driving?" "Yep." And just like that we wound up in Easley. We arrived back home two hours later after heavy conversations about cameras, financial guidance, the upcoming presidential election, our church, and my dreams about the future. I'd do anything to bottle days like this. So I could remember every detail. I do my best to create memories that stir emotions like some smells stir memories. I think that's why I cling to my journal so dearly. I try to recap every detail I can. Some people wonder why I can remember things they said to me, when they can't even remember. Well, verbal affirmation is where I feel most loved. So if you ever tell me something that in someway encourages me, I write it down.

I don't really know why I chose to share this. It's just what was on my mind. And I guess I wanted to express that it's not bad to enjoy yourself and enjoy those around you, to enjoy memories that are being made as long as you remember why you have the chance to live days like this and why you are able to remember memories. They are gifts from God. When was the last time that you thanked Him for your memories?

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Inappropriate laughter.

I have inappropriate laughter. I discovered the trait this weekend. I was getting a massage and randomly broke out in a fit of laughter. I'm not ticklish, I just found it humorous. I'm very lucky that my masseuse is a friend, otherwise they might think me quite odd. And as I went to see Wimbledon, I found the final confession of love between the main characters hilarious...where upon Karla struck me with the back of her hand. I'm sure the other ladies in the theater would have done the same if they had been near me. Today as I sat in a meeting I was reminded of a great memory...a very funny memory...and you can guess what happened next. I apologized and then found myself in a battle to not let another snicker away.

I might need help for this problem. Or I could just enjoy myself.

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I could get used to this.

This is the first gift from one of my kids I work with. It's now hanging on my fridge and I'm thinking of framing it. I'm quite fond of it. It's a little watercolor painting by a 4 year-old.

Just wanted to the way, do you see the Kellog's rooster? I do.

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