And these too..

Meg and G Mosaic.
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Here is the set of Gardner and Meg...

Geez that kid is cute!

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As promised...

Karl Mosaic
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The Karl's photos are now up on flickr. I think I may switch entirely to the Graflex for photography. The softness and vintage look make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

The entire set is here.

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All Crazy Like.

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The moon was full the other night. And my dad got out the old tele...PRETTY! And this is what you get when you take a picture through the eyepiece. I think I'll try it again.

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Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.
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Wait for it...

Karl and I went out on a photo shoot today. We traipsed through swamps, twigs, branches, and thick brush. We got mauled by small insects and scratches on our legs. Not to mention that we lost a cell phone and locked a set of keys in a car. And yet in the midst of it all we still remained inexplicably hott. I got to play around with my new toy, a 5 in one light disc reflector. Oh how I love you so, you reflector of master of the blind me with your grandiose rays of shiney...I heart your violent light...

Yes, so will be coming soon. Karl's a hottie. And after the morning with Karl, we made our way to the Wilson household for some Ken, Meg, G and soon to be Rainey photo love. I can't wait to see what we get out of those...

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So this past weekend a few of us spent the weekend at Sandy's mountain home in Little Switzerland, NC. It was exactly what I needed: quiet and the lack of a schedule. We did a lot of nothing which was everything to me. Not to mention that it was surrounded by pure beauty. In the quiet and simplicity I hear Him loudest. And what I heard Him saying was "shh...I've got you." It was good. Not to mention that there was a bookstore that I wanted to live in. Wall to wall BOOKS! There were old books, new books, used books, ceiling to floor BOOKS! Two floors of BOOKS! It gave me much joy and I walked away with two new additions to my collection. A 1866 edition of Milton's Paradise Lost and a 1882 edition fo Chaucer.
As for the rest of the weekend there was a lot of rain (which just made it even better), Stacks, yummy food, foosball and a LOT of The Cosby Show season one on dvd accompanied by cookies and milk. Can it get better? I submit that it cannot. (Well actually it could have and I'm going to be really mushy when I say this but it could have been awesomer (yes, I'm making it a word) if Joe could have been there).
Thanks Sandy for opening your home to us and letting us share a weekend with you. Lbzy has some photos and there's some up on my flickr page.

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The Setting.

The Setting.
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I would call this the weekend update, but it is in fact a week late. I will say that the weekend in Charleston was wonderful. And Pudge and Meghan's wedding was completely enchanting. Complete with a rainstorm soaking everyone and yet not one person complained. It was all smiles and laughter. And it made me happy and I got to spend the weekend with my favorite people and I loved it!

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