P.S. I'm crying.

Last night Adam and I tried to watch P.S. I Love You. It had taken quite an amount of convincing to get Adam to agree to watch. He knows I'm not the girly chick flick type of woman. But honestly I was curious. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I dared the movie to make me cry. I'm not a crier.

At approximately 21 minutes into the movie, I had to turn it off. Yeah, I was crying. Adam was laughing. Wow, not a good movie for a newlywed. I was overcome with the thought of loosing my husband, my companion, my mate. Wow. For that moment it was too real. And I decided to not subject myself to viewing.

So that was that.

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The Swift Family

swift family 191bw, originally uploaded by Lanna Grace.

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Did you know?

That there is a theme park called The Land of Oz in Beech Mountain, NC? It comes complete with a yellow brick road and all characters! And it only opens one weekend a year. Possibly because the awesomeness of it all would would be too overwhelming if it were to be open multiple weekends. You're probably wondering right now how do I find this place? LANNA please tell me when this amazing festival of childhood wonderment will occur!

This year it will occur October 4th and 5th. If I had not already made plans I would be attending. Next year The Johnsons and The Ropers will be there with bells on for the photo opportunities that will abound and laughter that can only be generated by a once a year theme park.

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