For the love of Karla.

The High Museum.
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Quick recap of Karla's celebration.

Pickup by LB and Lanna at 9:14am.
Swing by Chick-fil-A for some breakfast.
Onward to Atlanta (although Karla didn't exactly know).
The blindfolding of Karla.
Stealth texting between a few key others.
Karla's blindfold is uncovered to find Ragan and the High Museum. (there were squeals and giggles).
Pretty art and "oh look who it seems Lee and Tim decided to come to the museum as well."
The best burgers in Atlanta at The Vortex.
Shopping in Little 5 Points with the Birthday Budget.
Traffic. Traffic. Traffic.
Dinner at Pappadeaux's and one last surprise birthday guest...Jonny McD.

Some people ask, "You guys go a little all out for your birthdays don't you?"
My answer, "well, when you've got something special, you need to let them know that you think they're special." So, we celebrate birthdays and another year of knowing one another. My friends are a part of my family. They're pretty darn spiffy.

Once again, photos can be found on flickr.

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Yesterday was Karl's birthday.

Today, we're whisking her away for the traditional birthday, Day O Fun.

Of course a recap will be available tomorrow. But today, it's a secret!

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Querulous Me.

Casey, I miss you. I miss your mooseyness and thadwiddling. It's 2006. It's time. Come back to us. Or, at least comment occasionally so that I know you haven't evaporated into the ether.

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The Riverbanks Zoo has a koala cam. I just watched the leaves rustle and two tufty gray ears peek around the foliage. Completely fascinating in an unfulfilling sort of way. Anyone up for a trip to Columbia? Meg, Karl you know you want to...
And while we're on the topic of Australian marsupials, why is it that Australia got all the neat ones? I mean they have koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, potaroos, cuscuses, tasmanian devils, kalutas, dibblers, dunnarts, numbats, bilbies AND bandicoots. And what do we get? We get the stinking, hissing, frightening possum. I'd like to vituperate a possum.

On a sidenote, as a child did you ever repeat a word until it no longer sounded like a word? You should try it with "possum."

possum. possum. possum. possum. possum. possum. possum. possum. possum. possum. possum. possum. possum. possum. possum...

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Freeze to Please.

Freeze to Please.
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Yes, it finally feels like winter. I put on my winter coat this morning and actually needed it. And I liked it.

The weekend was jam packed with action. Quick recap:
Arts Warehouse for the Russian Exhibit (pronounced Tor-zhest-va) with Joe.
Will Hoge at the Handlebar on Friday evening.
Shopping in the ATL with Karla and Ragan. Which included the greatest skirt in all the history of skirtdom along with great food at Maggiano's and the Cheesecake Factory.
Tonight, well let's just say The Crew had some quality time. I heart my friends. BIG TIME.

As always, pictures can be found on flickr.

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Hi, I'm a field mouse.

Hi, I'm a field mouse.
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Everyone, this is Herman Stuart III of the Stuart Little Stuarts. I found him in a bag of candy in my cube this morning. He was full on a half of a Hershey's kiss. Impressive because he's about the size of a Hershey kiss (see picture. He was sweet, quiet and all together cute. I asked him if since he was already surrounded by Valentine candies if he would like to be my Valentine. He responded with a sweet nose twitch and I could do nothing but promise to release him back into the wild. So yes, I mean we did build our church on a field. It was only a short amount of time before the animals tried to take it back. I'm just happy that he chose my bag of candy.

Photos of Herman's release can be seen on flickr.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
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Or Single Awareness Day. To each his own. Now don't go taking away too much meaning from this...I only worked with what I had and what I had was too many goodbyes and gotchas. But I like it.

Now go spread some love with candy and gay valentines (and by "gay" I mean "happy" and /or "cheerful" unless it involves a pink Care Bear with a rainbow on his tummy, but you have to work with what you have).

I'm going to go make out right now. Only I'm really not. I'm actually going to go back to work. But it would be nice to make out...

I'm going to shut up.

Happy Valentines!

Note to readers: The "this" I"m referring to in the first paragraph is referring to the photograph and not hatred of the holiday. I was speaking of the bag of conversation hearts that I had to create the photo.

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I almost don't know what to write. Today was the first Sunday in our brand new building. It was breathtaking. So many people. So many children... And it was the children that got to me. It was the children that made it real. 995 children singing about the majesty of God. 995 children laughing and learning. 995 children telling their families that "God is majestic. He made the the heavens and the earth and He made me. And most of all He loves me." It gives me chills.

I love that this time last year I had no clue what was in store. I love that He is bigger than what I can see. I love that I don't know what a year from now will bring. Whew.

Sunday, February 12, 2006 | 9:52 PM | LINK |

So it seems that having a children's ministry ready for its debut doesn't lend much time for anything else. Forgive me...I'll be back soon. With photos and stories.

And by the way, is it just me or is LOST becoming very dark? It's starting to scare me.

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