Meow Mix.

They were selling kittens at the Medieval festival...
I'll let you stew on that one for a bit.

I'm dying for an adventure. The I don't know where I'm going or staying or doing spontaneity that when I'm 89 my grandchildren will say, "Nana tell us about [insert adventure] again!" I'm ready. I feel it itching in my toes. Could you imagine the possibilities that a few friends, a car, great music and a few cameras would bring? No gameplan. Just a map and "I wonder what's down that road" attitude. I'm ready...who's in?

On a sidenote, baby goats (or kids) are cute. I'd like to own one.

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Afternoon with Melody.

Melody 24A
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Last Saturday, I had the honor of photographing the lovely Melody Carter. You can see the entire set here. It was pretty impossible to take a bad photograph of her. I'm happy with them.

Today, I'm beginning on a photo project to be revealed at a later time.

Tomorrow, my Da and I are heading to a Medieval Festival for a photo field trip. It's going to be awesome.

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A week late and a dollar short...or something.

Yeah, yeah. I've been out. meh.

Now, on with the news. We have a winner folks! Yes that's right we have a winner of the "I Want to Be The Resplendent Fancy's Wedding Date" Contest. I'm a week late on the announcement, but here it is just the same. After much toiling and consideration, The RF has decided that our good friend Tim Goldsmith has won himself a print of one of my photographs.

Now, if The RF were going to a wedding (obviously it can't because it's a website floating in the ether...BUT), it would most definitely choose Tim for the following reasons:
1. He's Australian (Australian = accent).
2. He'd wear a kilt (we call this catering to judge for a sure win, even though Tim probably doesn't know that the judge (i.e. me) is part Scot).
3. When asked to give a reason why you're the obvious choice to be The RF's wedding date. He used the phrase, "I have a big camera & flash set."

Congratulations Tim. Pick a photo.

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Turabalopes and Woosels.

I've got tickets.
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We went to the fair on Monday night. You can see the photos on flickr.

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On behalf of my dear friend Shua, because I miss him.

Dear Person who found my blog by searching "illustrations of chest congestion,"

First of all, eww.

Second, yuck, yuck, bleh.

Third, EWWWW!

You freak me out almost as much as the person who found the RF by way of googling, "accordion hotties."

I hope you stop being weird (although I'm not one to really talk about being weird).

Yours Truly,

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I Saw The Best Minds of My Generation...

Simon's Passion.
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Fifty years ago, six poets gathered to read poetry. Most of whom had never read their poetry in public...

The advertisement:

Philip Lamantia reading mss. of late JohnHoffman-- Mike McClure, Allen Ginsberg,Gary Snyder & Phil Whalen--all sharp new straightforward writing-- remarkable collection of angels on one stage reading their poetry. No charge, small collection for wine, and postcards. Charming event.

Kenneth Rexroth, M.C.

The event took place at the Six Gallery in San Francisco. Jack Kerouac collected money at the door and urged Ginsberg on as he read the first part of "Howl" with a "GO! GO!" It marked the beginning of the beat generation.

This past Thursday evening, I had the privilege to be a part of the 50th Anniversary of the Six Gallery reading. I read a Lamantia poem, "There is This Distance Between Me and What I See." My good friend, f. Simon Grant, organized the event. Many students, some who seemed lifeless at the beginning, were on the edge of their seats and cheering as the reading of Ginsberg's "Howl" began. The crowd began to interact with the readers, "Drop the mic you don't need it"...clunk. "GO! GO!" "Yeah, baby!"

Were they listening?
I hope so.

Were they stirred?
I hope so.

Did they leave with the urge to create something?
I hope so.

I hope that they left with the knowledge that poetry is not all unicorns and puppies and sappy love, but that it's also rough and jagged, kick you in the stomach, emotion turning, rage and sadness and excitement that makes you want to run down to the nearest street corner and scream.

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RFRAOTD and Secret Agent Girl.

I said it once and I'll say it again. The RESPLENDENT FANCY RANDOM AWARD OF THE DAY for BEST USE OF $9.99 goes to Jamie Cullum and his new CD, "Catching Tales." I love this guy even though he resembles a wee little bat.

Have you ever been on your way somewhere and find that you're accidentally following someone? And then you begin to think that they think that you're following them. And then you think, "what if they REALLY think that you're following them because they're a secret fugitive hiding out." Then you pretend that you're an undercover agent and that you're meaning to follow them just to freak them out even though they're probably not freaked out because they probably don't even see you behind them. But it's fun to pretend anyway.

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Happy Fall!

Lunch break = The new Jamie Cullum CD.

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Magical Ninja Headgear and Get in My Belly.

Last night I had the pleasure of viewing Ninja Destroyer.
Oh the joy of Magically appearing ninja headgear, Ninja cartwheels and impressive ninja tree climbing skills. I learned that an emerald mine is no reason to fight and that everyone should just get along and also that if trying to revive someone using CPR that I should move their arms up and down in a flapping apparently works. I would say that you should rent it, but you can't. You'll have to find it in a gas station between here and Atlanta. Only then, can you truly know the wonder that is, Ninja Destroyer.

On the way to work this morning I noticed that the fair is moving into town. I also noticed a new ride that they were beginning to assemble. Children get to ride in the belly of a giant demented dragon. Oh buckets of fun! When I was 6 I wanted to be devoured by a dragon and ride in its belly as it spun the contents of my stomach on the onlookers below.

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Did anyone notice how big the sky was today? Dang.

So Karl and I went shopping yesterday. I went with the intent of actually spending money, but as it always goes when you're ready to spend...there's nothing to spend it on. But I did come away with a new pair of Keds. Yes, that's right Keds. You know 'em, they have the nice little blue rectangle on the heel. I also made a scene in Dillard's when walking in the store from the outside rain, I slipped, did a split and ended with a "WOOOO!" Karl graciously helped me up from a Junior's shirt rack and we continued on our way. It was a wonderful day filled with coffee, jeans, excellent and crappy customer service, and perfume study. And for any men out there wondering what cologne you should wear to make the ladies weak in the should buy Abercrombie & Fitch's Fierce. It makes you want to lick the floor it's so good.

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Napoleon Dynamite...I mean Jon Heder is hosting SNL tomorrow night with musical guest Ashlee Simpson. I might actually remember to watch it.

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The Fun is beginning...

So, we here at RF are beginning to receive applicants for the "I want to be The Resplendent Fancy's Wedding Date" Contest.

I feel as though I need to reiterate that the contest is NOT, I repeat NOT for an actual date. The winner will receive a print of one of my photographs shown here. I thought I had made that clear (read). No offense, but I prefer to keep the wedding date torture to a minimum in my personal life.

Now that that's settled...keep 'em coming!

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The best thing about LOST last night was the preview for next!?

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It's like Christmas in July except it's not July.

I found 3 rolls of film in the unpacking process that have not been developed. I have no idea when they were taken or what they're of...all I know is that I'm excited.

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With Love, from the Coldplay show.

Lanna and I (post-Coldplay)
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Shua has posted a few pics from Coldplay on his flickr page.

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Hotness and the Application Process.

The Ladies.
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Okay, so last night Lee, Shua, and myself trekked up to Atlanta to celebrate our good friends, Katie and Ragan's birthdays. They both had birthdays today. Happy Birthday ladies, you're awesome. And dang, it's so much fun to get dressed up and head to the ATL. This is us to the right, we're hot.

Speaking of hot, I just got in my bridesmaid's dress for my college roommate's wedding. And I must say that it's the best bridesmaid's dress that I've ever seen and I'm so very glad that the bride to be has an excellent since of style. I only wish that I had a hot date to enjoy the wedding.

Which brings us to our next topic. We're going to have a fun, not so real, but real bit of a contest. It's the "I want to be The RESPLENDENT FANCY's Wedding Date" Contest (NOTICE: this is NOT for an actual date, but you will get a fun prize). I'm interested to see how creative The RF readers are. This contest will be specifically for the male readers of the RF (ladies, your chance will be coming up shortly). Gentlemen, email your application along with picture here. Feel free to create as many altar egos as necessary. The more, the better your chances are to win (remember though that each applicant needs his own photo). The top 3 finalists will be posted here and voted on by the lovely RF readers. The winner will receive an 8x10 print of their choosing from the vast selection found here.

I Want to Be The RESPLENDENT FANCY's Wedding Date Contest.

Please include the following information:

1. Name.
2. Age.
3. Place of residence.
4. How many times have you been the "wedding date?"
5. Tattoos?
6. Do you have a mohawk? If not, would you be willing to get one and if so do you think you'd be hot? Explain.
7. What is your typical wedding attire?
8. Give 3 reasons why you're the obvious choice to be The RESPLENDENT FANCY's wedding date.

Remember to email the application along with photo here. Deadline is Friday, October 21st midnight. This is going to be awesome. And remember, this is all in fun. So have fun, get creative and don't be nasty, this is family programming people. Don't forget the top 3 finalists will be posted here at The RF on Oct. 22nd and will be voted on by our readers. The winner will once again be receiving an 8X10 print of their choosing from the lovely collection of Lanna (Again this is NOT for an actual date...I'm not that psycho).


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