30 before 30

A while ago, I started a list of things I wanted to do before I turn 30. Whether or not all of these will happen before I'm 30 is another story indeed. If I don't make them before 30, my plan is to make them happen while I'm still on this earth. I have successfully checked 6 of the 30, leaving 24 left (geez, I'm really great at math). I've decided on concentrating on this list for a while instead of New Year's resolutions, most of which never see the light of February. Anyway, here's my list:

1. See wild horses...in the wild.
2. Go whale watching.
3. Run a marathon or half-marathon (check).
4. Photograph a celebrity.
5. Go to Hawaii.
6. Love on someone who has never been loved.
7. See the Northern Lights.
8. Go Rock Climbing (check).
9. Go spelunking (check).
10. Fall in love.
11. Sky dive.
12. Live in another country for six months.
13. Face a fear (check).
14. Learn to ballroom dance.
15. Drive across the country.
16. Buy a house.
17. Try sushi (check).
18. Teach my cat to break dance.
19. Pay off my student loan.
20. Be in two places at once.
21. Own a Mac.
22. Be fearless.
23. Travel. Travel. Travel.
24. Write a book.
25. Take archery lessons.
26. Sell a painting (check).
27. Say what I mean.
28. Mean what I say.
29. Buy a sewing machine and stop sewing everything by hand.
30. Dig for dinosaur bones.

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